Why Linwood? Aren’t all cemeteries the same?

In fact all cemeteries are not the same. Some can be municipal (managed by the city or town), while others can be religious, federally- or state-run for veterans, private for-profit or private non-profit. Linwood is a private non-profit cemetery that serves all faiths.

Cemeteries structure their lot prices by their individual needs. For example, municipal cemeteries charge less for burial space because they receive taxpayer funding annually. Private for-profit cemeteries determine pricing based on earning profits. 

Here at Linwood, our lot prices are based upon our needs as a non-profit. 25% of the cost of all lot sales is placed into a Perpetual Care fund. The earnings from these funds will ensure that the beauty of the cemetery grounds will remain throughout perpetuity.

At Linwood, plots are sold by the amount of space needed. We provide burial space for full caskets, as well as cremation burials – or a combination of both. We also provide upper- and lower-level burial spaces that reduce the overall cost of the lot.

Yes you can. This process is called a pre-need sale. You may call the office and make an appointment to select a lot, mausoleum crypt, or cremation niche. We also provide indoor columbarium niche space. Please note, interment in our indoor columbarium is available on a limited basis as Linwood undergoes a planned expansion. Please contact us for pricing information.

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