Cremation Options

We understand families have different preferences for how they want to handle the cremated remains of their loved ones, which is why we offer the option to take the cremains with you or to have them placed on the Linwood grounds. If you choose disposition on our grounds, we have several options to properly memorialize the deceased.

Placing a Niche

A niche provides a simple yet thoughtful way to preserve your loved one’s memory in the Linwood Memory Wall, Mausoleum, or Indoor Columbarium.

We offer several options of the elegant MacKenzie Urn based on the size of your selected niche. Other urns may be used if they are sized correctly. Installation and allowable engraving is always included.

Veteran’s niche markers are a nice way to honor Veterans laid to rest at Linwood. These markers may be placed in the grass area directly in front of the niches. Flags are only permitted on Memorial Day near Veteran’s niche markers and will be removed the following day.

Memory Wall Niche

The Linwood Cemetery Memory Wall was designed with more than one thousand Niches, offering a serene resting place for your loved one. Cremated remains can be inurned in the Memory Wall with an allowable engraving. It is an affordable way to inurn one or two cremations with installation and allowable engraving included.

A pre-paid certificate will be issued along with the right of inurnment within the Memory Wall.

Mausoleum Niche

Our grounds offer a beautiful mausoleum that is a popular place to store cremated remains. An allowable engraving is also available for this option.

Indoor Columbarium

Many families choose to place cremated remains in our indoor columbarium, which offers a serene and peaceful resting place for loved ones. Inurnment in the indoor columbarium includes an allowable engraving of your choosing. Please note, interment in our indoor columbarium is available on a limited basis as Linwood undergoes a planned expansion. Please contact us for pricing information.

In-Ground Burial

We offer in-ground burial of cremated remains in a family lot or in an urn lot for those wishing to take advantage of both the cremation option and the in-ground burial service.


Installation of a niche in the Linwood Memory Wall, Mausoleum, or Indoor Columbarium includes lettering and allowable engraving. You may select from the following lettering options and configurations to personalize the niche for your loved one.

Lettering Samples



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1958 – 2010

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1932 – 1999

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