Fox monument at Linwood Cemetery is covered in flowers and surrounded by other gravestones with flowers and memorial wreaths among them. Houses in the background.
Likely early 20th Century, Water Street, at Mill Street, looking east past Beach Soap Factory and Pentucket Cemetery, Haverhill. Beach Soap sign on the fence on the left. A police officer in uniform and two men are standing in the street near the trolley tracks. Houses on both sides. Horse and carriage on the left.

“Courtesy of the Trustees of the Haverhill Public Library, Special Collections Department.”


Founded in 1830 on a modest 5.75 acres in southeast Haverhill, Linwood was granted corporate status by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1845. Through the strategic acquisition of adjacent land, Linwood now encompasses more than 45 acres.

In 1973, Linwood expanded its services to include cremation services for traditional burial, burial in our mausoleum, or in the indoor columbarium. Linwood continues to keep pace with the high expectations of the families and individuals who have chosen Linwood as their final resting place. 

The sprawling setting now includes a chapel, crematory, office, equipment barn, roads, and infrastructure to support our continued expansion.


As stewards of Linwood, our staff and trustees remain committed to maintaining the cemetery grounds and buildings with meticulous care. From the trees, shrubs, and flowers to the architectural details of the chapel and the pristine waterfall, no detail goes unnoticed. Our staff take great pride in caring for the cemetery grounds. 

Linwood trustees are careful conservators of its resources, ensuring that the cemetery is financially sound with adequate funds to ensure high quality perpetual care of the grounds and facilities.

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