Michael B. Kenney


Michael is a dedicated professional of cemetery & crematory management with more than 40 years of experience. He has served as the superintendent of Linwood Cemetery-Crematory since 1998. 

Michael is a member of the New England Cemetery Association, and has completed more than 25 years of certified continuing education in cemetery management in conjunction with the Universities of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He is also a long-standing member of the Massachusetts Cemetery Association, and has served as the Association’s director since 2010. 

As Superintendent, Michael manages the overall operations of the cemetery and crematory. He works diligently to maintain the high standards of excellence set forth by his predecessors.

David Lang

Operations Coordinator

David joined the team in 2017. He maintains all burial and cremation records. David also performs all of Linwood’s booking functions, as well as planning and scheduling cemetery events. He also coordinates with funeral directors to schedule burial interments and chapel services.

Richard Ward

Sales Director

A former funeral director from the Portsmouth, NH area, Richard joined the team in 2017. He has been involved in both pre-need and at-need sales for more than 30 years.

Michael Praiano

Cremation Operations

Mike is responsible for the overall operation of Linwood’s crematory. Mike has received extensive training in cremation operations from the sole manufacture of all of Linwood’s cremation equipment, “Matthews Cremation.” Mike is a certified cremationist and performs his duties with care and compassion.

Board of Trustees

Karl Arakelian

Joan Kimball

Laura McGregor

Kristin McKenzie

Ellen Small Davis

Milton S. Smith

David A. Splaine

Jeffrey G. Stone

James Tzitzon

Past and Present Honorary Trustees

Benjamin Bixby

Kingsbury Davis

Highaz Der Bogosian

John Katsaros

Gordon Stone

Additional Staff


Our staff also includes Joseph Gallant and Michael Simonds, both of whom are certified cremationists. They each play a significant role in our cemetery and crematory operations. 

We also employ seasonal employees to assist in the overall maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

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