Above-Ground Burial (Garden Crypt Mausoleum)

Linwood’s Garden Crypt Mausoleum, constructed of beautiful Dakota mahogany granite fronts with Salisbury pink granite niches, provides a secure burial option for those who prefer the advantages of an above-ground resting place. 

With a garden crypt at Linwood, you’ll receive the equivalent of a lot, vault, and memorial all in one place. This option also includes niche space, interment service fee, inscription, and perpetual care.

Our Chapel

We’re proud to offer a beautiful non-denominational chapel on the Linwood grounds that is available for services at request.


For all monuments on the Linwood burial lots, foundations are required. Please refer to our list of preferred vendors to fulfill this portion of the burial service.

Decorative Options

We offer a variety of floral plans, as well as seasonal flowers such as Easter tulips, Mother’s Day flowers, and Memorial Day flowerbeds. For single graves, we offer flower pots, mums for the fall season, and holiday basket arrangements for the winter months. 

All of our floral and shrub care plans are available annually or as part of a prearranged trust.

Veteran’s or Flush Markers

If the deceased is a Veteran, you may request a Veteran’s or Flush marker for the gravestone. Please discuss this option with your funeral director, and to receive the proper documentation to make this request. You can view the DD2-14 form here. Please note there are charges associated with the marker base and installation on our grounds.

Grave Box or Vault

You may choose to use a grave box or a vault for the burial. These outer burial enclosures are required for burial as they offer necessary support to protect the casket. 

A vault provides optimal protection from the elements and maximum support. They typically include an inner liner and are air-sealed. You are able to purchase a vault from your funeral home. Please inquire with your funeral director.

A grave box only provides support around the casket, but does not provide protection from the elements. You are able to purchase a grave box directly from Linwood.

See All Purchase Pricing and Burial Packages.

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